PRAXIS II World and American History: Content Knowledge (0941 and 5941)

The PRAXIS II World and American History: Content Knowledge Exam (0941 and 5941) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary level world and American history… The exam is segmented into American history and World history segments. The exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The American and World history sections are divided by era. The American History up to 1791 section of the exam assesses knowledge of European colonization, Native Americans, geography, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the American Revolution, and slavery. This section also includes questions about the cultural, economic, social, and political life of Native Americans, climate patterns, and physiographic regions.

The American History from 1791 to 1877 section of the exam focuses on the Civil War, abolitionism, Reconstruction, expansion, industrialization, agricultural growth, labor movements, and foreign policy issues.

The American History from 1877 to the Present section of the exam covers World Wars I and II, international issues, energy and environmental issues, impacts of the World Wars on family, the federal government, the atomic age, the Progressive Era, immigration, and political, cultural, and social movements. This section of the exam also assesses knowledge of Jim Crow legislation, urban development, imperialism, and the displacement of Native Americans during this time period.

The World History up to 1400 C.E. section of the exam contains questions about Chinese dynasties, Islamic civilization, nomadic migration, world cultures, the Byzantine Empire, feudalism, world religions, Greece and Rome, the Indus River Valley, Africa, Mesopotamia, and the Huang He River Valley, animal husbandry, and the Neolithic and Paleolithic ages.

The World History from 1400 to 1914 section of the exam focuses on global interactions, the Industrial Revolution, imperialism, nationalism, socialism, Marxism, liberalism, urbanization, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, Latin American independence movements, the Reformation, and the Renaissance. This section also contains questions about the transition to a market economy, slavery, and Asia’s resistance to European culture.

The World History from 1914 to the Present section of the exam assesses knowledge of World Wars I and II, genocide, neocolonialism, the Cold War, decolonization, Russian revolutions, anti-colonialism, Germany, Japan, militarism, fascism, the United Nations, and the League of Nations. It also contains questions about capitalism, socialism, communism, minority rights, women’s rights, new technologies, global culture; environmental interdependence, the Pacific Rim and geopolitical changes.

Praxis II World and American History: Content Knowledge Practice Questions