PRAXIS II Speech Communication Exam (5221)

The PRAXIS II Speech Communication Exam (5221) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary level speech. There are 120 multiple choice questions on the exam. Eight questions cover Evaluation and Assessment, 12 questions cover Curriculum and Classroom Instruction, 16 questions cover Oral Interpretation, 16 questions cover Play Production, 12 questions cover the Influence of Media, 20 questions cover Public Speaking, 16 questions cover Small Group Communication, and 20 questions cover Interpersonal Communication. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Evaluation and Assessment section of the exam covers test development, curriculum development and planning, choosing texts, evaluating oral performances, cultural concerns, tournament management, speaking events, persuasion, parliamentary debates, cross examination debates, Lincoln- Douglas debates, and debate teams.

The Oral Interpretation section of the exam covers oral interpretation; performance techniques; character development; voice; mood; image; the relationship between the speaker, audience and scripts; performance; creative dramatics; and narrative events.

The Play Production section of the exam covers theatre management and design, directing, acting, theory, technical considerations, movement and vocal development, safety issues, finance, school facilities and funds, modifying appropriately for community standards, stage makeup, costumes, sound, lighting, props, building scenery, directing, rehearsal, casting, choice of play, pantomime, characterization, improvisation, style, genres, and critique.

The Influence of Media section of the exam covers audiovisual materials, production techniques, critical assessment and analysis, film, radio, technology, television, stage, technological aspects, social influences, political funding, and campaigning. The Public Speaking section of the exam covers public speaking and its types, presentation, response, listening, pronunciation, dictation, voice, linguistic style, speech organization, and audience.

The Small Group Communication section of the exam covers conflict management, group roles, group decision making, group problem solving, and discussion.

The Interpersonal Communication section of the exam covers listening skills, verbal and nonverbal expression, purposes and results of interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication, communicating competently, assessment, the communication process, self awareness, perception, and closure.

Praxis II Speech Communication Practice Questions