PRAXIS II Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Exam (5383)

The PRAXIS II Special Education: Teacher Students with Learning Disabilities Exam (5383) is taken by candidates interested in teaching learning disabled students in at any grade level. The test contains 50 multiple choice questions: 25 cover Curriculum and Instruction, 15 are on Service Delivery, 10 questions cover Influences on Education of Learning Disabled Students. Candidates have one hour to complete the exam.

The Curriculum and Instruction section of the exam covers professional responsibilities; the learning environment; areas of instruction; implementation of teaching methods; suspected abuse and neglect situations; collaboration with others in the school, family or community; record-keeping; managing behavioral problems; information gathering; vocational skills, organizational, study, leisure and self-care skills; scholastics; collaborative learning; direct instruction; diagnostic procedures; gender; culture; linguistic differences, adaptive technology; peer tutoring; grading and assessment approaches; motivating students; learning activities; and information gathering.

The Delivery of Services section of the exam covers student placement; assessment procedures; conceptual practices; available services; family participation; creating the least restrictive environment; mainstreaming; adaptive tools; team collaboration; developing and implementing the IEP/ITP; sharing information; standardized and specialized assessments; adapting assessments; methodologies based on medical, sociocultural and psychodynamic frameworks.

The Influences on the Education of Learning Disabled Students section of the exam covers learning disability terminology, central ideas about learning disabled students, and tendencies of learning disabled students, professional organizations, environmental, hereditary, cultural and biological causes of learning disabilities, preventive measures, receptive and expressive language, memory, attention, organizational, listening and academic skills, comprehension, and emotional development.

Praxis II Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Practice Questions