Praxis II Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (5272) Test Questions

1. What is the medical name for the study and care of the ear?
a. otology
b. epidemiology
c. podiatry
d. audiology

2. What is the name of the language-learning approach that emphasizes the connection between language and its representations in the external world?
a. direct approach
b. total physical response
c. Orton-Gillingham
d. audiolingual method

3. Which of the following learning strategies promotes community in the classroom?
a. student-centered instruction
b. peer-assisted learning
c. direct instruction
d. response to intervention

4. The venue through which a student receives information best is known as his or her prime learning _____.
a. factor
b. entry point
c. methodology
d. modality

5. What is the name for the behavior modification practice in which an expected reinforcement is withheld until the student ceases the target behavior?
a. role playing
b. reinforcement removal
c. extinction
d. punishment

6. What is the best explanation for why deaf children take longer to acquire reading comprehension skills?
a. they do not understand the concept of language
b. they cannot make the connections between graphemes and phonemes
c. they have never been spoken to
d. they are busy learning American Sign Language

7. Which of the following contrasts between deaf or hard of hearing students who use oral communications and students who use sign language is true?
a. Students who use sign language are more socially adept.
b. Students who use oral communications interact more with hearing peers.
c. Students who use oral communication do better on standardized tests.
d. Students who use sign language have more friends.

8. According to IDEA, what is the role of a parent in developing an individualized education program?
a. Parents can submit recommendations in writing but are not allowed to attend meetings.
b. Parents are expected to be equal partners in the development of the IEP.
c. Parents are allowed to attend planning meetings but cannot participate.
d. Parents are expected to lead all planning meetings.

9. Which of the following expressions would be the most difficult for a deaf student to understand?
a. The cow jumped over the moon.
b. My name is Mrs. Bailey.
c. He screamed at the top of his lungs.
d. Welcome to my humble home!

10. Which of the following syntactic structures CANNOT be indicated through facial morphology in American Sign Language?
a. negation
b. conditionals
c. questioning
d. subordinate clause

Praxis II Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (0272) Test Answer Key