PRAXIS II Sociology Exam (0950)

The PRAXIS II Sociology Exam (0950) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary-level sociology. The exam 120 multiple choice questions: 18 questions cover Social Stratification; 30 questions cover Demographics, Industrialization, Urbanization and Social Structure; 18 questions cover Culture; 30 questions cover Social Disintegration, Social Interaction and Socialization; 24 questions cover Methods of Inquiry and Social Perspective. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Social Stratification section of the exam covers age, class, gender and race-based social inequality, prejudice, discrimination, conflict, functional theories of stratification, lifestyle, education, income, employment, prosperity, social class, and poverty and life changes.

The Demographics; Industrialization; Urbanization and Social Structure section of the exam covers globalization, technology, social change, social, environmental, and work-related trends, urban, suburban and rural lifestyles, multiple-nuclei, sector, and concentric models, volunteerism, group changes, and political, economic, religious, educational, and familial institutions.

The Culture section of the exam covers cross-cultural relationships, cultural diversity, cultural universals and change, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism the cultural aspects of symbols, signs, sanctions, language, and norms, non-material and material culture.

The Social Disintegration; Social Interaction; and Socialization section covers social disintegration, abnormal and criminal behavior, social disorganization and control theories, exchange, symbolic interaction, role, and dramaturgical theories, assimilation, accommodation, cooperation, conflict, segregation, and interaction in the context of institutions and organizations, stages of socialization, heredity and the environment, influence of age, class, gender, and race on socialization, fundamental socialization theories, recent visualization, anticipatory socialization, primary and secondary socialization.

The Methods of Inquiry and Sociological Perspective section of the PRAXIS II Sociology Exam (0950) addresses research ethics, the interaction between method and theory, and the various purposes for research.

Praxis II Sociology Practice Questions