August 3, 2015

PRAXIS II Social Sciences: Content Knowledge (0951) Exam

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach social studies at the secondary level. You will be given two hours to complete this 130 multiple-choice question exam. There will be 13 questions regarding behavioral sciences, 20 questions covering economics, 19 questions covering geography, 26 questions covering political science, civics and government, 26 questions covering world history, and 26 questions covering American history.

Behavioral Sciences
This section of the exam will cover topics like how human behavior is influenced by society and society’s groups and institutions, how culture and diversity influence human behavior, and how individual behavior is affected by learning and development.

This section of the exam will cover micro economics and macro economics. The macro economics questions will cover money, banking, international investments, finance, economic growth, fiscal policy, national income determination, inflation, unemployment, and business cycles. The micro economics questions will cover factor markets, income distribution, production and cost, product markets, supply and demand, market efficiency, economics systems, and trade. The micro economics questions will also cover comparative advantage, elasticity, scarcity, choice, economic systems, and, the cost of opportunity.

This section of the exam will cover geography, society and the environment, human systems, physical systems, regions and places, and spatial terms of the world. The geography questions will cover using geographic concepts to plan the future and, interpret the present and the past. Questions regarding the environment and society will cover natural resources that are renewable and non-renewable; the impact of humans on the environment; and the impact of the environment on humans.

Political Science, Civics and Government
This section of the exam will cover international relationships, comparative politics and government, politics and American government, and political theory. Questions regarding international relationships will cover international law, issues and power of international organizations, the practice of international relations, and the theories of international relations. Questions regarding comparative politics and government will cover, foreign-policy, electoral systems, and forms of government (democracy, autocracy, federal, and parliamentary). The questions regarding American government will cover political beliefs, political parties, civil rights, civil liberties, national political institutions, federalism, interest groups, constitutional underpinnings, powers, and structure. The political theory questions will cover political orientations (conservative, liberal etc.), major political theorists, and major political concepts.

World History
This section of the exam will cover topics like the main aspects of the transformation of classical civilizations as a result of invasions and the spread of religions in the period, the major causes and consequences of revolutions and nationalism, the major developments of the post–Cold War world, how technological innovations and adaptations have shaped world societies, and the major demographic trends in world history and their effects.

American History
This section of the exam will cover the Second World War, the postwar era, the First World War and the progressive era, the Civil War era, the development of the United States, the American Revolution, European colonization and exploration, Native Americans, and the physical geography of North America.

Praxis II Social Sciences: Content Knowledge Practice Questions