PRAXIS II Social Sciences: Content Knowledge (0951) Exam

The PRAXIS II Social Sciences: Content Knowledge (0951) Exam is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary level social studies. The test is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions: 24 questions cover cultural anthropology, 48 questions cover psychology, and 48 questions cover sociology. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Cultural Anthropology section of the exam covers economic systems, cultural change, social stratification, relationships, social organization, language, cultural characteristics, belief systems, the supernatural, globalization, and the culture and history of anthropology.

The Psychology section of the exam covers motivation; intelligence; achievement; social psychology; personality theory; emotional, cognitive and personality development; behavior; individuality; human growth; biological processes; behavioral influences; perception; sensation; prevention and intervention concerning classroom behavior; atypical behaviors such as autism; anxiety and personality disorders; hyperactivity; psychotic disorders; and treatments.

The Sociology section of the exam covers contemporary social issues; human ecology; demographics; social inequality; aging; power; sex; gender roles; social patterns and growth; occupations; professions; social stratification; class; medical, familial, religious, political, economic and educational influences; conformity; deviance; organizations; the process of socialization and sociological theory.

Praxis II Social Sciences: Content Knowledge Practice Questions