July 30, 2015


In most cases, your exam will be scored on the 100 – 200 point scale or the 250 – 990 point scale, as these are the two most common scoring scales for the Praxis exam. However, each of the Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Tests will be scored on a scale of 150 – 190, and each of the ParaPro Assessments will be scored on a scale of 420 – 480. Most of the exams scored on the 250 – 990 scale will have a maximum score that is actually lower than 990, and the maximum Praxis scores that are obtainable on an exam using the 250 – 990 scale may vary from year to year.

The scores you receive for the Praxis exam will be reported in the form of an online score report that you will be able to access four to five weeks after the testing date. The exact score required to pass a specific exam will vary from state to state, but the online score report will indicate whether you have obtained the minimum score necessary for the state(s) in which you are applying.