August 3, 2015

Praxis II School Psychologist (5402) Test Questions

1. Which of these is correct about characteristics of the interview process?
a. Establishing a relationship with the respondent will only interfere
b. Most often the interview questions are standardized for uniformity
c. Good interviewers focus only on information, not on social factors
d. Rapport will create the trust needed to share personal information
e. Interviews are the same as questionnaires, but spoken, not written

2. What is true about observational measures used by psychologists?
a. Observations focus only on the processes of behavior
b. Observations focus only on the products of behavior
c. Observations conducted must be by direct observation
d. Observations must be only via naturalistic observation
e. Observations can be all of these; no one answer is sufficient

3. At the beginning of the school year, for a new student with no previous assessments or school records which of these would be least indicated for problem identification?
a. Complete IQ testing
b. Portfolio assessments
c. Personality inventory
d. Tests for social skills
e. Speech/hearing tests

4. The Activity-Based Assessment Inventory, or ABA Inventory, is not designed to explore which area of a student’s life?
a. Family
b. Friends
c. Grades
d. Games
e. Groups

5. What is true regarding the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL)?
a. The information it collects is reported by a child’s parents
b. It assesses behavior problems but not social competencies
c. It is a self-report measure, so interviewers are not allowed
d. Its items are not standardized and they can be individualized
e. It is designed for pre-school and elementary school students

6. For which teachers would the History/Transition Information Profile be most useful?
a. “Step-up” teachers who follow their students from one grade to the next
b. Teachers of mixed-age classes with the same students for several years
c. Teachers with a class of all new students who have past school records
d. Teachers with a class of all new students with no earlier school records
e. Teachers of all these kinds of classes could benefit equally from its use

7. Which of the following people developed the first working intelligence test?
a. Alfred Binet
b. Lewis Terman
c. David Wechsler
d. Raymond Cattell
e. Howard Gardner

8. Of the following tests, which is not a standardized achievement test?
a. The ITBS
b. The CTBS
c. The SAT
d. The CAT
e. The TAT

9. In the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), which of the following subtests evaluates short-term memory?
a. Vocabulary
b. Digit Span
c. Block Design
d. Symbol Search
e. Picture Concepts

10. What is not a type of executive function that students must use to succeed in school?
a. Being able to retrieve previously learned information
b. Being able to organize a report, essay, or project parts
c. Being able to assign appropriate priority to each item
d. Being able to follow specific, step-by-step directions
e. Being able to manage work time in a realistic fashion

Praxis II School Psychologist (0401) Test Answer Key