PRAXIS II Reading Specialist Exam (5301)

The PRAXIS II Reading Specialist Exam (0300 and 5301) is taken by candidates interested in supervising reading teachers at K-12 grade levels. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions: 12 questions cover reading leadership, 32 questions cover knowledge bases and theoretical application in reading assessment and diagnosis, 54 questions cover application of knowledge bases and theory in reading instruction, and 22 questions cover knowledge bases and theory of reading. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Reading Leadership section of the exam covers positive literacy experiences between home, school and community; homeschooling, professional development; promoting staff and volunteer collaboration; incentives and school wide reading programs; culturally relevant curriculum; staff resources; curriculum standards; literacy research; improving instruction; meeting student needs; and following district, state, and federal guidelines for reading programs.

The Knowledge Bases and Theoretical Application in Reading Assessment and Diagnosis section of the exam covers organizing reading activities; maintaining a safe learning environment for all children; using instructional grouping approaches to achieve maximum student involvement; accommodating learners with cultural, cognitive, and social differences; technology use; teaching students to write for different audiences; publishing student writing; vocabulary instruction at all grade levels; using literature to enhance student learning;. print and non print materials; literacy practices across school subject areas; and assessing degree of difficulty in texts; decoding strategies; comprehension strategies; modeling; scaffolding; test taking strategies; note taking; teaching students to monitor their own progress and developing and applying lesson plans.

The Knowledge Bases and Theory of Reading section of the exam covers genre patterns, syntax, semantics, morphology, orthography, the influence of genre, context, the interrelatedness between listening, speaking, writing, reading, and phonemic awareness, and cultural and social influences on learning language.

Praxis II Reading Specialist Practice Questions