PRAXIS II Physical Science: Content Knowledge Exam (0481)

The PRAXIS II Physical Science: Content Knowledge Exam (0481) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary level physical science. The exam is comprised of 60 multiple choice questions:18 questions cover heat, thermodynamics, and nuclear anatomic structure, cover matter, energy, safety, and laboratory procedures,, 20 questions cover technology and society, science, measurements, data, and mathematics. Calculators are not permitted for this exam. Candidates have one hour to complete the exam.

The Heat, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Atomic Structure section of the exam covers nuclear anatomic structure, atom spectra and structure, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear reactions, radioactive decay, , atomic models, experimental bases, laws of thermodynamics, kinetic molecular theory, gas laws, phase changes, the transfer of thermal energy and its impact on matter, and the measurement of heat and temperature.

The Matter and Energy; Safety and Laboratory Procedures section of the exam covers conservation of energy and mass, physical and chemical properties of matter, organization of matter, forms and transformations of energy and matter, laboratory safety and procedures, emergency procedures for laboratory accidents, the safe storage and disposal of laboratory materials, and the use of laboratory equipment.

The Methodology: Technology and Society, Data, Measurement, Science, and Mathematics section of the exam covers management of natural resources, science and technology in daily life, energy production, use and management of energy, production and use of disposable consumer products, the impact of technology and science on human life and the environment, ethical and moral issues, mathematics, data manipulation and measurement , notation and measurement systems, data interpretation, presentation and error analysis, scientific methodology, science early history, experiment design, and scientific methodology.

Praxis II Physical Science: Content Knowledge Practice Questions