August 4, 2015

PRAXIS II Physical Education: Movement Forms- Analysis and Design Exam (0092)

The PRAXIS II Physical Education: Movement Forms- Analysis and Design Exam (0092) is taken by candidates interested in teaching physical education to students at any grade level. The exam consists of two questions requiring multiple part constructed responses. Candidates have one hour to complete the exam.

One exam question covers creating activities designed to arrive at specific objectives. The second question covers fitness assessment, together with designing avenues to achieve goals.

Successful candidates are prepared to demonstrate competency in developing and implementing instructional activities to support children in reaching fitness goals and movement activities and exhibit knowledge of movement forms, teachable sports for a physical education class environment, essential skills required to teach physical education, motor skills, health and safety in children’s physical education training.

Constructed Response

A physical education teacher wants to deliver a lesson on basic volleyball skills to a class of sixth graders. Most of these students have not played volleyball before.

1) Describe a set of warm-up exercises that would be appropriate for this lesson. Explain why the exercises you have chosen are particularly suited for a lesson on basic volleyball skills.

2) Describe the set of drills you would use to teach basic volleyball skills. You should cover all of the major skills, including serving, bumping, setting, spiking, and blocking. Explain why these drills are appropriate for the age group.

3) Discuss the problems that could arise when leading this lesson, and explain how you would handle them. Explain why your solutions are appropriate for this age group.