August 4, 2015

Praxis II Music Test Questions

1. What is the term for a musical expression repeated several times?

A. caesura
B. ostinato
C. basso profundo
D. glissando

2. What is the name of the Brazilian dance that is slightly faster than the tango?

A. cha-cha
B. conjunto
C. mambo
D. samba

3. What is the musical term for the simultaneous performance of variations on the same melody?

A. syncopation
B. polyphony
C. synecdoche
D. heterophony

4. What is the name for instruments that produce sound when the skin stretched across a chamber of air is struck?

A. chordophones
B. idiophones
C. membranophones
D. electrophones

5. What is the name for the unique and identifiable quality of the sound produced by a certain musical instrument?

A. timbre
B. rhythm
C. pitch
D. pulse

6. What is the term for a decorative note which is printed but not considered as part of the rhythm?

A. grace note
B. spinto
C. alla breve
D. tremolo

7. What is expressed by the musical term ritardando?

A. very fast
B. slowing down
C. moderate speed
D. speeding up

8. Which of the following composers was labeled an Impressionist?

A. Bach
B. Brahms
C. Debussy
D. Handel

9. Which form of music consists of a recurring theme alternating with contrasting material?

A. etude
B. ballade
C. rondo
D. nocturne

10. What is expressed by the musical term adagio?

A. speed
B. moderate
C. speeding up
D. slow

Praxis II Music Test Answer Key