September 6, 2017

Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge Exam (5113)

The Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge (5113) exam is designed to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of prospective beginning music educators. By taking this exam, you will be able to prove that you have achieved the required level of understanding of both music and music education to succeed in the professional field. The content will assess key indicators for K-12 music instruction that are required for educators to teach the related courses to students in instrumental, vocal or general music settings.

The test is divided into two separate sections, a listening section (Section 1) and a non-listening section (Section 2).

Section 1
The listening section of the exam will pose questions about recorded musical excerpts. You will be given time to read the questions and answers on-screen during this portion of the computer delivered test. There will be a clock in the top corner of the screen to allow you to watch how much time you have left to complete the 30 questions in the section.

Section 2
You will be given 85 minutes to respond to 90 questions in the non-listening section of the exam.

The questions in both sections are distributed into the following Content Categories and related topics:

  • Music History and Literature
    1. History of major developments in musical style
    2. Style and function of a variety of world musics
    3. Significant characteristics of important musical styles and historical periods

  • Theory and Composition
    1. Understand and analyze music in aural form and demonstrate aural skills
    2. How musical sounds vary
    3. Understand, interpret and analyze music in written form
    4. Basic music theory concepts

  • Performance
    1. Critical listening skills by identifying errors
    2. Basic conducting techniques
    3. Interpretation of notation and expressive elements for performance
    4. Basic accompaniment techniques
    5. Strategies on how to prepare a musical score for rehearsal and performance
    6. Instrumental and choral/vocal warm-up and tuning/intonation techniques
    7. Concert etiquette for performers and audiences
    8. Practical relationship between acoustics and performance

  • Pedagogy, Professional Issues and Technology (Section 2 Only)

For a better understanding of what to expect on this exam, test yourself with the Mometrix Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge (5113) practice test. As you answer each of the Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge (5113) practice questions, you will be able to see how the Content Categories and concepts may be portrayed. When you are ready to register for the exam, you will be able to choose a conveniently located testing location from an approved international network of testing sites. Passing scores are determined based on the requirements of the state.

Praxis II Music: Content Knowledge Practice Questions