September 6, 2017

Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction Exam (5114)

The Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) exam is designed to assess a prospective educator’s skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure they have reached the required level of mastery before entering into professional practice as a K-12 educator. The exam covers the following three major music specialties:

  1. General
  2. Instrumental
  3. Vocal

Most applicants receive education within these categories through an undergraduate music education program and have completed, or nearly completed, the program prior to taking the test. By successfully completing and passing the exam, you will prove that you are prepared and ready to enter into the professional field as an educator by showing comprehension of the four Content Categories and their underlying concepts:

  • Music History and Theory
  • Performance
  • Instruction, Professional Issues and Technology
  • Instructional Activities

Materials will reflect cultural and instructional diversity and test your knowledge and skills through a variety of perspectives. Approximately 50 percent of the exam is related to teaching music, while the remaining 50 percent covers music content knowledge that has been deemed necessary as a foundation to successful professional practice in the field. This assessment is broken down into 84 selected-response questions and three constructed-response questions. You will have a total of two hours to complete the exam, with 25 minutes dedicated to a listening section (Section 1) and 95 minutes to a non-listening section (Section 2).

To assess your current mastery of the concepts you will encounter on the examination, test yourself with the Mometrix Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) practice test. As you respond to the Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction (5114) practice questions, you will gain a better understanding of what you can expect on the exam. When you are ready to register for the test, you will be asked to choose a location from an approved network of international testing sites. Once you arrive to the site on testing day, you will be given an opportunity to learn the interface before taking the computer delivered test.

Your scores for the selected-response questions will be available on-screen following completion of the exam. Scores for the constructed-response questions will be mailed in an official report approximately two weeks after your exam date. A passing score is determined based on requirements set by the individual state.

Praxis II Music: Content and Instruction Practice Questions