PRAXIS II Middle School Social Studies Exam (0089 and 5089)

The PRAXIS II Middle School Social Studies Exam (0089 and 5089) is taken by candidates interested in teaching middle school social studies. The exam is composed of 90 multiple choice and 3 brief essay questions. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Sociology and Anthropology section of the exam is 1 to 6 questions. The section exam covers cultural diversity and diffusion; population; institutions; assimilation; adaptation; innovation; pluralism; religious, racial, and ethnic variation; immigration; migration; social stratification; values; mores; and folkways.

The Economics section of the exam is 12 to 14 questions. It covers micro- and macro- economics, the Federal Reserve System, international finance, investments, foreign exchange, currency, short and long term growth, government spending, taxes, and deficits, inflation, unemployment, income distribution, monopolies, oligopoly, property rights, free-trade, capitalism, socialism, and mixed models.

The Geography section of the exam is 14 to 16 questions. It covers regional, physical, and human geography; map skills; world regions; population, political, economic and cultural geography; human environmental impact; natural resources; climate; and land forms.

The Governments and Civics section of the exam is 13 to 15 questions. It covers international political and policing organizations; forms of government; political behaviors; election; judicial, executive, and legislative branches; the U.S. Constitution; and political orientations.

The World History section of the exam is 16 to 19 questions. It covers environmental and economic interdependence, human migration, political and economic ideologies, international organizations, rights movements, important battles, wars and documents, the Holocaust, industrialization, the slave trade the scientific revolution, changing borders, global cultural influences, prehistoric cultures, animal husbandry, agriculture, hunting and gathering.

(22-24 questions) The American History section of the exam is 22 to 24 questions. It covers fundamental documents, laws and amendments; population growth and the westward expansion; battles and wars within and outside the US; the Great Depression, the New Deal and other economic changes; changes to the family unit; displacement of native peoples; slavery and abolition; the roles of beliefs, values, and religion on the culture.

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