August 4, 2015

PRAXIS II Middle School Mathematics Exam (5169)

The Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Exam, 5169, helps certify prospective teachers of middle school mathematics. The Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Exam consists of 55 selected-response and numeric-entry questions, and the test is taken on the computer. An on-screen graphing calculator is provided.

There are two tested content categories on the Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Exam: Arithmetic and Algebra and Geometry and Data. The Arithmetic and Algebra category has around 34 questions, making up around 62 percent of the test. The Geometry and Data category has around 21 questions, making up around 38 percent of the test.

Under Arithmetic and Algebra, there are three main tested concepts: Numbers and Operations, Algebra, and Functions and Their Graphs. For Numbers and Operations, testers should understand operations and properties of real number systems and the relationships among fractions, decimals and percentages. Testers should also know how to solve problems using ration reasoning, how to solve real-world problems by using proportional relationships, how to use main concepts of number theory, and how to use multiple strategies to determine reasonableness of results. For the Algebra category, test takers should know ways to manipulate algebraic formulas, equations, and expressions; how to produce linear relationships algebraically; how to solve linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities; and how to recognize simple patterns. For the Function and Their Graphs content, testers should be prepared for questions concerning identifying and evaluation functions; domain and range of functions; characteristics of linear functions; relationships between functions and tables or graphs; and analyzing or representing functions that model given information.

Under Geometry and Data, there are two subareas. For the Geometry and Measurement content, testers should demonstrate knowledge of solving problems involving perimeter, surface area, and volume. They should understand the concepts of similarity and congruence, properties of lines, systems of measurement, properties of triangles, properties of quadrilaterals, properties of circles, geometric relationships in the xy-plane, and formal geometric constructions. The second area of focus under Geometry and Data is Probability, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics. This section tests whether or not the prospective teacher knows how to interpret and analyze data, represent data in multiple forms, develop and assess probability models, and solve problems using simple diagrams, flowcharts, or algorithms.

Although nothing can fully prepare you for teaching middle schoolers, we trust that the Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Practice Questions and Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Practice Test will help you prepare for the Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Exam. A little time spent now preparing and reviewing for the Praxis II Middle School Mathematics Exam will pay off later when it is time to test. Soon you will be one step closer to certification and teaching in a middle school classroom.

Praxis II Middle Grades Mathematics Practice Questions