PRAXIS II Middle School English Language Arts Exam (0049 and 5049)

The PRAXIS II Middle School English Language Arts Exam (0049 and 5049) is taken by candidates interested in teaching middle school language arts. The exam is comprised of 90 multiple choice questions and two brief essay questions: 37 multiple choice questions cover composition and rhetoric, 16 questions cover linguistics and language, 37 questions cover literature and reading. The two brief essay questions cover literary and rhetorical analysis. The multiple choice question section is 75% of the total score; the Brief Essay questions are 25% of the total score.

The Brief Essay Questions section of the exam covers identifying rhetorical components in a passage and discussing how successful rhetorical devices support authorial viewpoint and enhance the passage’s meaning. Candidates will also read a poetry or prose passage and explain the author’s use of personification, analogy, metaphor, simile, cliché, idiom, foreshadowing, analogy, irony, alliteration, mood, hyperbole, style, tone, setting, point of view, exposition, character, authorial voice, dialogue, transition, linguistic rhythm, and theme, and how these elements contribute to the passage’s meaning.

The Composition and Rhetoric section of the exam covers literary theory, instructional approaches, organizational stratagem, purpose, narrative, persuasive and informational discourse, conferencing, self evaluation, rubrics, holistic scoring, peer review, portfolios, idea development, theme, thesis, pre-writing, drafting, revision, editing, reviewing, and publishing.

The Language and Linguistics section of the exam covers the history, structure and analysis of English, semantics, traditional grammar, dialect, prefixes, suffixes, roots, morphemes, etymology, slang, jargon, connotation, denotation, euphemism, idiom, specialized terminology, culture-specific grammar and vocabulary, punctuation, capitalization, phrases, clauses, sentence types, sentence structure, modifiers, and the parts of speech.

The Reading and Literature section of the exam covers teaching approaches, literary comparison, styles of textual interpretation, creative nonfiction prose, other prose applications for specific audiences, literary elements, point of view, character, narrative distance, setting, subtext, crisis, climax, character transformation, theme, tone, rhythm, rhyme scheme, poetic traditional and contemporary forms.

Praxis II Middle School English Language Arts Practice Questions