September 6, 2017

Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge Exam (5146)

Prospective middle school teachers wishing to achieve licensure and certification are required to take and pass the Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge (5146) exam. This examination is designed to test your knowledge and higher-order thinking skills in order to assess whether you have reached the level of mastery required to successfully perform in professional practice.

The exam is administered in computer delivered format, which will allow you to skip questions and return to them later throughout the duration of the test. During the examination, you are given two hours to respond to 120 selected-response questions. These questions are considered central to all education, and will cover the following Content Categories and underlying concepts:

  • Literature and Language Studies
    1. Literature
    2. Language and Linguistics
    3. Oral and Written Communication
  • Mathematics
    1. Number Sense and Numeration
    2. Geometry
    3. Measurement
    4. Number Theory
    5. The Real Number System and Its Subsystems
    6. Probability and Statistics
  • History/Social Studies
    1. United States History
    2. World History
    3. Non-historical Perspective
    4. Government and Politics
    5. Geography
    6. Economics
    7. Anthropology and Sociology
  • Science
    1. Life Science
    2. Earth and Space Science
    3. Physical Science

The questions are evenly distributed across the four Content Categories, with each one containing approximately 30 questions and contributing to approximately 25% of your overall score. To test your mastery of the content you may encounter on the exam, take our Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge (5146) practice test. The Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge (5146) practice questions are designed to reflect the concepts contained within the true test.

Passing scores are determined by the state. You will be able to see your unofficial score upon completion of the examination. By receiving a passing score, you will have proven that you have the skills, knowledge and abilities deemed necessary to perform in the role as a middle school educator. When you register to take the exam you will be able to choose a location convenient to you from an approved network of international testing sites.

It is recommended that you use your time on the exam as efficiently as possible to answer every question, leaving none unanswered. Because your score is determined based on the number of questions you correctly answer, with no penalties given for any incorrect responses, you should attempt to answer each of the questions on the exam to the best of your ability. You will be permitted use of a non-programmable calculator on the exam, and you are given the opportunity to learn the interface prior to starting the actual examination.

Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge Practice Questions