September 6, 2017

Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Exam (5161)

The Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) exam is a computer delivered test that assesses prospective educators’ abilities, skills and knowledge of the concepts deemed necessary to succeed in the role of a beginning teacher of secondary school mathematics. While the test has not been designed to align with any particular curriculums, it is consistent with recommendations of national studies on mathematics education. Upon successful completion and passing of this examination, you will have proven that you have achieved the level of mastery required to obtain licensure and certification. Most applicants have typically completed a bachelor’s program within mathematics or mathematics education.

On the exam, you will be given 150 minutes to response to 60 selected-response questions. Some of these questions will ask you to select one answer, while others will ask you to select multiple. You will also encounter numeric entry and drag-and-drop questions. You will have access to an on-screen graphing calculator for the duration of the test. As the exam is computer delivered, on testing day you will be given the opportunity to learn the interface prior to beginning your actual exam. This will also help you learn how to skip and return to questions to maximize the use of your time. Since your score will not be penalized for any incorrectly answered questions, you should attempt to respond to as many questions and possible within the time frame.

These questions will test your ability to both understand and work with mathematical concepts, reasons mathematically and make conjectures, see patterns, justify statements and construct simple proofs. For Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) practice questions to better understand what you may see on the exam, take the Mometrix Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) practice test. These practice questions reflect the following concepts you will need to have a mastery of for the actual exam:

  • Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions and Calculus
  • Geometry, Probability and Statistics and Discrete Mathematics

Passing scores are ultimately determined by the state. When you are ready to take the exam, you will need to register. Upon registering, you will be asked to choose a testing location convenient to you from an approved international network of testing sites.

Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Practice Questions