August 5, 2015

PRAXIS II Marketing Education Exam (5561)

The Praxis II Marketing Education Exam, 5561, is one option for those prospective teachers interested in a certification to teach marketing as a middle school or high school teacher. The Praxis II Marketing Education Exam consists of 120 selected-response questions that must be answered within two hours. There are eight different content categories tested in the Praxis II Marketing Education Exam.

There are two content categories tested that have around 12 questions each and make up around 10 percent of the Praxis II Marketing Education Exam: Channel Management and Personal Selling. For Channel Management, testers should be prepared for test questions over logistics and physical distribution strategies. For Personal Selling, questions will cover the role of selling, salesforce management, selling processes, and current trends in personal selling.

The two content categories worth around 12 percent of the exam, around 14 questions each, are Pricing and Product/Service Management. For the Pricing questions, testers should study pricing strategies, the role of pricing, and pricing mathematics. For the Product/Service Management questions, prospective teachers should know about branding, product development, product life cycle, product-mix strategies, and product positioning.

The remaining four content categories are each worth around 14 percent, containing around 17 questions each: Marketing Education Programs, General Business Principles, Marketing-Information Management and Planning, and Promotion. The Marketing Education Programs questions focus on program perspectives, cooperative education programs, and professional development. As far as General Business Principles go, testers should look at economics and finance, business law, and management. The Marketing-Information Management and Planning content questions will cover market research, segmentation, and strategic planning. Finally, the Promotion content category will cover advertising , public relations and publicity, the role of promotion, sales promotion, and current trends in promotion.

Preparing for the Praxis II Marketing Education Exam will take time and effort, but it’s certainly possible. The Praxis II Marketing Education Practice Questions and Praxis II Marketing Education Practice Test will help testers review and prepare for their exam. Stepping into the Praxis II Marketing Education Exam confident by putting in those extra study sessions.

Praxis II Marketing Education Practice Questions