PRAXIS II Marketing Education Exam (0561)

The PRAXIS II Marketing Education Exam (0561) is taken by candidates interested in teaching middle- and secondary-school marketing. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions:14 questions cover personal selling, 14 questions cover advertising and sales promotion, 20 questions cover human relations and communications, 12 questions cover marketing mathematics, 14questions cover merchandising, 22 questions cover general marketing and 44 questions cover marketing education, curriculum, instruction, and career planning. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Personal Selling section of the exam covers buyer motivation, customer types, sales transactions, product knowledge, sales approach, resolving buyer objections, merchandise presentation, and selling.

The Advertising and Sales Promotion section of the exam covers public relations, sales promotions, merchandise displays, advertising media, advertising goals, and principles and laws governing advertising.

The Human Relationships and Communication section of the exam covers written communication, interpersonal communication, listening skills, ethics, eye contact, gestures, verbal communication, telephone sales, group presentations, and interpreting verbal and nonverbal communication.

The Marketing Mathematics section of the exam covers employee compensation, stock-to-sales ratios, seasonal discounts, cash discounts, trade discounts, markdowns, markups, and selling costs.

The Merchandising section of the exam covers customer service, the lifecycle of merchandise, inventory control, buying, receiving, conducting quality assurance checks, and pricing merchandise.

The General Marketing section of the exam covers industrial marketing, global marketing, business ownership, entrepreneurship, credits, organizational skills, capitalism.

Praxis II Marketing Education Practice Questions