PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist Exam (5311)

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to be the administrator of a school library media program for students in grades, K-12. You will be given two hours to complete this 120 question, multiple-choice exam. There will be approximately 14 questions regarding professional development, leadership, and advocacy, 33 questions regarding learning and teaching, 26 questions regarding information access and delivery, 26 questions regarding collection developments, and 21 questions regarding program administration.

Professional Development, Leadership and Advocacy
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of the Children’s Internet Protection Act, laws regarding equal access and intellectual freedom, accreditation and certification legislation that impacts libraries and education, advocacy, and community involvement. Your knowledge of ethics codes, professional resources and journals, the purpose of professional organizations such as a AECT, AASL, ALA and of continuing professional development programs will also be assessed.

Learning and Teaching
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of copyrights, legal and ethical guidelines concerning the usage of information, library environments, scheduling, equal library access for all individuals, staff and facilities, online resources, distance learning, and interlibrary loan. Knowledge of communication technology, search engines and retrieval processes, literature awards and reviews, various information resources, curriculum development and integration, collaborative planning and instruction, utilization of appropriate teaching strategies for various grade levels, and library orientation techniques for students will also be assessed.

Information Access and Delivery
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of acquiring and organizing resources, circulation, cataloging and classification of materials and, promotion of resources. Your knowledge of publications subscriptions, ordering procedures, and publisher evaluations will be covered in this section of the exam.

Collection Development
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of selecting audiovisual equipment, computer equipment, supplies and services, bibliographic resources, information resources, and policy selection of materials for a library.

Program Administration
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of facility renovation, new facility planning and, building and service access for the disabled. Your knowledge of budgeting, supervision of students, volunteers, and paid staff, staff scheduling and training will be assessed in this section of the exam. Your knowledge of needs assessment, priority setting, planning, organization, administration, and evaluation of a library will be assessed. Your ability to determine a libraries philosophy and mission statement will also be included in this portion of the exam.

Praxis II Library Media Specialist Practice Questions