August 5, 2015

PRAXIS II Latin Exam (5601)

This exam is designed for individuals who like to become Latin instructors in grades K-12. You will be given two hours to complete a 120 multiple-choice exam that is divided into two sections. There will be 12 questions regarding pedagogy, 24 questions regarding Roman civilization, 36 questions regarding reading comprehension, and 48 questions regarding grammar.

This section of the exam will cover professional organizations and resources, curriculums and written materials, language analysis, pedagogical approaches and pronunciation of Latin.

Roman Civilization
This section of the exam will cover Roman mythology, culture, history, law, government, art, religion, archaeology, architecture, philosophy, education, and public and private life.

Reading Comprehension
This section of the exam includes questions regarding inferring the meaning of a familiar but ambiguous Latin word from its context, vocabulary frequently used by major Latin authors, and the ability to translate authentic Latin into English literally or idiomatically as the occasion requires.

This section of the exam will assess your ability to find and replace all or part of a sentence with text that is closer to its original meaning, identify and corrects word function and grammatical errors, and the ability to make morphological changes to a Latin word by conjugating the form.

PRAXIS II Latin Practice Questions