September 6, 2017

Praxis II Journalism (5223)

Most applicants for the Praxis II Journalism (5223) exam have completed a bachelor’s degree or certificate program in journalism. Those applicants that wish to demonstrate that they have achieved a secondary level of understanding of principles and concepts related to journalism may choose to take this examination to prove their mastery. The two-hour computer delivered exam consists of 100 selected-response questions that will cover the following Content Categories:

  • Mass Media and Communication
  • Journalistic Writing and Photojournalism
  • Student-Produced Media
  • Journalism in the School Community

This test is both comprehensive and inclusive, and may cover, but not be limited to, the following underlying concepts that fall within the aforementioned Content Categories and have been deemed as necessary knowledge or skills to succeed in the professional role:

  • How journalism developed in the United States throughout history
  • How to evaluate mass media and its role within society
  • Legal and ethical principles relevant to journalistic media
  • How to develop students’ skills to research, interview, gather information, create effective images and use journalistic writing and editing to create journalistic products
  • Various forms of journalistic writing
  • Principles, procedures and techniques of photojournalism
  • How to develop students’ public design skills to create effective student publications
  • How to develop students’ ability to create effective broadcast productions
  • Principles and techniques of publication, design and broadcast journalism
  • How to develop students’ ability to create, produce and distribute journalistic products with business management skills, organization, collaboration and leadership
  • Working collaboratively within the school and community

Some of the questions you encounter on the exam will measure your basic knowledge, while others will assess your ability to apply the principles to real-life situations. To test yourself before taking the actual exam, take the Mometrix Praxis II Journalism (5223) practice test. As you answer the Praxis II Journalism (5223) practice questions, you will be able to get a better understanding of what you may see on the examination. Since this is a computer delivered exam, on testing day, you will be able to learn the interface before you begin the examination so you understand how to skip and return to questions.

It is advised to take advantage of this feature to answer the questions efficiently and to the best of your ability while attempting to answer every question with none left blank. This is because your final score will be determined based on the number of correct answers with no penalty for incorrect responses. Passing scores are determined based on the requirements of the state.

Praxis II Journalism Practice Questions