August 5, 2015

PRAXIS II Health Education Exam (5551)

Teaching health in grades K-12 in approximately 40 US state and territories is possible by passing the Praxis II Health Education Exam. The Praxis II Health Education Exam, 5551, is a computer-based test with 120 selected-response questions. Testers are given 2 hours to complete the 120 selected-response questions.

The Praxis II Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge Exam tests prospective health education teachers on five main content categories: health education as a discipline; health promotion and prevention of injury and disease; healthy relationships and mental and emotional health; community health and advocacy; and health education pedagogy. Each of these content categories have a minimum of 14 questions. The test is primarily based on standards from the American Association for Health Education.

The health education as a discipline content category has about 20 questions on the Praxis II Health Education Exam. Examinees should be familiar with health-related data using appropriate research methods and appropriate educational materials from professional organizations, agencies, and associations. Testers should also be prepared for questions on concepts of character education and continuing education as a health educator.

The health promotion and prevention of injury and disease is tested with approximately 36 questions, making up around 30 percent of the test. Prospective teachers should be well versed on disease etiology, prevention practices, treatment, and management. Additionally, testers should expect to see questions on goal setting and decision making for healthy lifestyles.

Another 30 percent of the exam, with around 36 questions, comes from the content over healthy relationships and mental and emotional health. Questions will center on factors affecting health and unhealthy relationships. Examinees will also need to show knowledge of concepts and issues relations to human sexuality, prevention of different types of abuse and violence, and psychosocial development throughout life stages.

Community health and advocacy is tested with around 14 questions on the exam. Examinees should understand the concepts of individual responsibility to society and the environment. They should also know valid sources of health information, products, and services.

With another approximately 14 questions, health education pedagogy is tested, coming in around 12 percent of the test. This final content category will test whether examinees know how to assess learning needs for individuals and diverse groups. Curriculum aligning with national, state, and district standards will also be a point of discussion among these test questions.

There are five major areas to look at before taking the Praxis II Health Education Exam. It seems like a lot, but the Praxis II Health Education Exam Practice Test and Practice Questions can help you study. With these tools, you will be ready to pass the Praxis II Health Education Exam and teach students across the United States health education.

PRAXIS II Health Education Practice Questions