PRAXIS II Health Education Exam (5551)

The PRAXIS II Health Education Exam (5551) is taken by candidates interested in teaching health education at all grade levels. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple-choice questions: 12 questions cover health education pedagogy; 18 questions cover disease prevention, 24 questions cover healthy relationships, 12 questions cover community health advocacy, 36 questions cover promoting healthy lifestyles, and 18 questions cover teaching health education. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Health Education Pedagogy section of the exam covers teacher effectiveness, student assessment, teaching methods, teaching strategies and approaches, performance-based objectives, curriculum development, programs, and evaluating student and community needs.

The Disease Prevention section of the exam covers concerns personal hygiene, counseling, mental illness, eating disorders, addictive behavior, depression, suicide, communicable and non-communicable diseases, chronic and acute conditions, congenital diseases, and infectious and non-infectious diseases.

The Healthy Relationships area of the exam covers personal growth and development; dating; communication; sexuality; violence; cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic impacts on relationships; health education for all population groups; harassment; emotional, verbal, and physical abuse; pregnancy; infertility; sexual expression, differences, and difficulties; reproductive choices; self-concept; death and dying.

The Community Health Advocacy section of the exam covers private and public health care agencies, leadership, community service, career opportunities in health care, access to health care, consumer health concerns, environmental health, and health and safety laws.

The Promoting Healthy Lifestyles section of the exam covers anatomy, physiology, controlling health risk factors, first aid, tobacco abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, unplanned pregnancy, over the counter and prescription drugs, nutrition, stress management, exercise programs, and physical fitness.

The Health Education as a Discipline section of the exam covers school health services, counseling and social services, physical and health education, nutrition, the Center for Disease Control, adolescent risk behaviors, sexually transmitted diseases, morbidity, mortality, and national health education standards.

PRAXIS II Health Education Practice Questions