PRAXIS II Health Education Exam (5551)

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach health education in grades K-12. You will be given two hours to complete this 120 multiple-choice exam. There will be 20 questions on health education as a discipline, 36 questions on health promotion and prevention of injury and disease, 36 questions on healthy relationships and mental and emotional health, 14 questions on community health and advocacy, and 14 questions on health education pedagogy.

Health Education Pedagogy
This section of the test will assess your knowledge of teacher effectiveness, evaluation of student learning; instructional methods, strategies and techniques; performance-based objectives, curriculum, programs, and assessing student and community needs.

Health Promotion and Prevention of Injury and Disease
This section of the test will cover personal hygiene, counseling, classification and treatment of mental illness, eating disorders, the behavior of an addict, depression, and suicide. Communicable and non-communicable diseases, chronic and acute conditions, genetic and congenital diseases and, infectious and non-infectious diseases are also covered in this section of the exam.

Healthy Relationships and Mental and Emotional Health
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of subjects like factors affecting healthy and unhealthy relationships, psychosocial development throughout life stages, skills that promote healthy interactions, how decision-making skills affect relationships, and causes and consequences of various mental and emotional health issues and prevention strategies.

Community Health Advocacy
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of public and private health agencies, leadership, community service, health care career choices, access to health care, consumer health concerns, environmental health, and health and safety laws.

Health Education as a Discipline
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of major health behavior theories, the tools needed for conducting an assessment of school health needs, models for responsible decision making, physical growth and development, and curricular and extracurricular programs for student health needs.

PRAXIS II Health Education Practice Questions