PRAXIS II Gifted Education Exam (0357)

The PRAXIS II Gifted Education Exam (0357) is taken by candidates interested in working with gifted students. This exam contains 120 multiple-choice questions: 24 questions cover professional knowledge, 18 cover program placement, 18 cover assessment, 18 cover characteristics of a gifted student, and 42 questions cover instructional modification and curriculum for gifted students.

The Professional Knowledge section of the exam covers administrative roles, communication between school personnel and parents, teaching methods, laws, regulations and policies, professional organizations, the interrelatedness of gifted, general and special education populations, current practices in gifted education, the history, philosophy and goals of gifted education, community perspectives, and assessment.

The Program Placement section of the exam covers community resources, independent study opportunities, the collaborative consultation model, cluster grouping, special education programs, regular and special education classes for gifted students, challenges implementing gifted programs, extracurricular opportunities, acceleration, and laws and policies pertaining to gifted student placement.

The Instructional Modification and Curriculum for Gifted Students section of the exam covers gifted curriculum models, curriculum criteria, motivation, the educational approaches and creativity, instructional technology, cognitive process models, gifted disadvantaged or minority students, visual and performing arts instruction, language, social studies, science, mathematics, and reading instruction, the interrelatedness of content and process skills, IEP development, modification and implementation, and laws and policies pertaining to instructional modification and curriculum development for gifted students.

The Identification, Assessment, and, Eligibility of Gifted Students section of the exam covers assessment models, developing and modifying IEPs, multidimensional methods used to identify gifted students, quantitative and qualitative intelligence assessment models, assessment administration, statistical concepts in psychological evaluation, and laws and policies pertaining to the assessment, identification, and eligibility of gifted children.

The Definitions, Developments, and Characteristics of the Gifted Child section of the exam covers academic achievement levels in gifted students, enhancement of gifted qualities, underachievement, circumstances that negatively impact gifted development, identification of minority, disabled or disadvantaged gifted students , biological and environmental impacts, the interrelatedness of intuition, aesthetic perception and intelligence in gifted students, types of giftedness, social and emotional characteristics, and the learning and thought processes.

PRAXIS II Gifted Education Practice Questions