August 5, 2015

PRAXIS II Gifted Education Exam (5358)

Teaching gifted students in approximately 40 US state and territories is possible by passing the Praxis II Gifted Education Exam. The Praxis II Gifted Education Exam, 5358, consists of 120 selected-response questions. The test is computer based. All testers have 2 hours to complete the 120 questions.

The Praxis II Gifted Education Exam covers many topics. Five main content categories are tested: development characteristics of gifted students, learning environment for gifted students, instruction of gifted students, identification as assessment of gifted students, and professionalism. Examinees are asked to demonstrate comprehension through conceptual understanding, procedural awareness, interpretation, integration, and application.

The content category of development and characteristics of gifted students has approximately 25 questions. As far as development goes, examinees should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the developmental milestones of gifted students across all domains, from early childhood through adolescence: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, communicative, and adaptive. Testers should also be able to identify intellectual, academic, creative, leadership, and visual and performing arts characteristics associated with different types of giftedness.

The content category of learning environment for gifted students has approximately 23 questions. The tester should demonstrate knowledge of how the physical and social environment influences students. They should also be knowledgeable on strategies to develop the nonacademic skills of gifted students: social competence, leadership, resilience, self-efficacy, and risk taking. Prospective teachers should know how to create a learning environment that addresses the characteristics and needs of gifted students.

The content category of instruction of gifted students has approximately 33 questions. The first part of this content deals with planning, and testers should be able to differentiate the general education curriculum to meet the needs of gifted students. The second part covers whether or not prospective teachers have the skills to instruct gifted students using a variety of strategies, such as higher-level questioning, problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and differentiated learning.

The content category of identification and assessment of gifted students has approximately 22 questions. Knowledge of the terminology used in assessment and the various assessment instruments is needed. Additionally, prospective teachers should know the processes and procedures for nominating and identifying gifted students.

The content category of professionalism has approximately 17 questions. This content covers the major legislation regarding the education of gifted students. Finally, the questions in this category will test the examinee’s knowledge on how to continue professional development.

The Praxis II Gifted Education Exam will have detailed questions, but this is just a good overview of what you can expect. One great way to ensure success and prepare for the Praxis II Gifted Education Exam is to look at the Praxis II Gifted Education Exam Practice Test and Practice Questions. Then you will be ready to pass the Praxis II Gifted Education Exam and instruct gifted students across the United States.

PRAXIS II Gifted Education Practice Questions