Praxis II German Test Questions

1. What is the name of the building that currently houses the German parliament?

A. Reichstag
B. Bundestag
C. Grundgesetz
D. Der Speigel

2. Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate phrase: In eine Disko geht man _____.

A. am Morgen
B. am Abend
C. am Wochenende
D. am Nachmittage

3. Who wrote The Sorrows of Young Werther?

A. Goethe
B. Schiller
C. Hesse
D. Holderlin

4. Complete the following sentence with the correct verb form: Was _____ Sie gern, Frau Muller?

A. lese
B. liest
C. lesen
D. liesen

5. What time is expressed by the phrase viertel vor neun?

A. 9:15
B. 8:50
C. 8:45
D. 9:50

6. Which of the following is NOT true of relative pronouns in German?

A. They are put in the dative case when used as a direct object.
B. They have the same number and gender as their antecedent.
C. Their case is determined by their role in the relative clause.
D. They are always included.

7. What is the nominative neuter form of the definite article?

A. dem
B. den
C. das
D. die

8. Translate the following: Wer sind in der Stadt.

A. You are in the street.
B. We are in the street.
C. We are in the city.
D. You are in the city.

9. Which is the most frequently-used mood for German verbs?

A. subjunctive
B. indicative
C. imperative
D. reflexive

10. With which of the following is the definite article NOT used in German?

A. proper names after an adjective
B. names of geographical locations
C. days of the week
D. unspecified nouns

Praxis II German Test Answer Key