PRAXIS II Geography Exam (0921)

The PRAXIS II Geography Exam (0921) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary level geography. The exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions: 26 questions cover regional geography, 35 cover human geography, 25 questions cover physical geography, 24 questions cover map and globe skills. Prior to the exam questions, are 20 unscarred pretest questions. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Regional Geography section of the exam covers relationships between people and the environment, patterns in economic activity, culture, and the structure, functions and perceptions of individual regions.

The Human Geography section of the exam covers economic development, conflict and collaboration between diverse peoples within the same or neighboring regions, distribution of resources, political characteristics of borders, migration, settlement patterns, models of transitions, and demographics.

The Physical Geography section of the exam covers human alteration of the environment, the interrelatedness of people and geographic systems, climatic patterns, weather systems, ecosystems, erosion, geomorphic processes, plate tectonics, and physical events that shape Earth’s surface.

The Map and Globe Skills section of the exam covers gathering, organizing and sharing spatial data acquired from maps, range of map types, map projection, mental maps to systematize environmental data, people, and places, and charts, tables, and graphs.

PRAXIS II Geography Practice Questions