PRAXIS II General Science: Content Knowledge Exam (5435)

This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach science at the secondary school level. You will be given two hours and 30 minutes to complete this 135 question multiple-choice exam. There will be 15 questions, regarding science, technology, and society; 27 questions regarding earth sciences, 27 questions regarding life sciences, 51 questions regarding physical sciences, and 15 questions regarding science methodology, techniques and history.

Science, Technology, and Society
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of medical advances, society and health awareness, consumer products, management of natural resources, human and nature induced hazards, and the impact of science and technology on human affairs and the environment.

The Earth/ Space Sciences
This section of the exam will assess your knowledge of astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, historical geology, and physical geology. The astronomy section of the test will cover the earth’s seasons, time zones, units of distance, satellites, space exploration, the structure of the solar system, origins and life cycles of stars, and theories regarding the origin and structure of the universe. The meteorology section of the test will cover forecasting, maps, frontal systems, climax and climatic change; high and low pressure systems, precipitation, air masses, humidity, clouds, winds, the structure and properties of the atmosphere, along with seasonal and latitudinal variation of solar radiation. The oceanography section of the exam will cover the chemistry of seawater, the ocean floor, currents, tides, and waves. The historical geology section of the test will cover fossils, time scales, uniformitarianism, straitgraphy and the history of the earth. The physical geology section of the test will cover minerals, rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering and erosion, plate tectonics, and the hydrologic cycle.

Life Sciences
The life sciences section of the test will cover ecology, animals, plants, evolution, genetics, and the cell. Under ecology the following topics will be covered: population and social behavior, community structure, ecosystems, energy flow and food webs, biomes, biogeochemical, and chemical cycles. In the animals section of the test the anatomy and physiology of systems, homeostasis, and responses to stimuli will be covered. The structure and function of plans, roots, stems, leaves, transport systems; and sexual and asexual reproduction will be covered in the section on plants. Additional sections of this exam will cover patterns, theories, and evidence of evolution; DNA replication, human genetic disorders, genetic mutations, heredity and genetic classification, protein synthesis, Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance and genetic engineering. The structure function of the cell, homeostasis, cell components, mitosis, meiosis, the cell cycle, and cellular bioenergetics will also be included in this exam.

PRAXIS II General Science: Content Practice Questions