PRAXIS II Fundamental Subjects Content Knowledge Exam (5511)

The PRAXIS II Fundamental Subjects Content Knowledge Exam (5511) is taken by candidates interested in teaching science, social studies, citizenship, mathematics and English language arts. The test is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions covering reading and communication; language uses; fact and opinion; persuasion; drawing conclusions; words in context; vocabulary; literary terminology; comparing literary texts; literary components; poetry; fiction; public speaking; nonfiction and other genres. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam and may use a four-function, non-programmable calculator, if desired.

The Mathematics section of the exam covers basic mathematical skills applicable to daily living: percentages, ratios, expressing and resolving word problems, estimation, numeration, place values, measurement, scaling, maps, charts, tables, drawings, volume, area, circumference and perimeter probability, mean, median, range and mode of data sets, probability, analyzing data gleaned from spreadsheets, tables, charts, and graphs.

The Social Sciences and Citizenship section of the exam covers economic effects on people, events, institutions and governments; the interrelatedness of geography, economics and culture; citizen rights and responsibilities; types and functions of government; reading maps, charts and graphs; human adaptation in response to environment; the impact of culture on society; chronology; historical artifacts; plural viewpoints on historical events; and religious, social, political and individual influence on history.

The Science section of the exam covers orders, organization, evolution, equilibrium, natural earth and biological processes the relationship of matter and energy, data gathering, drawing conclusions, the nature and history of science, organism diversity, environmental impact on organisms, political, ethical, and economic issues in technology, and human and environmental health issues.

Praxis II Fundamental Subjects Practice Questions