Praxis II French Test Questions

1. Complete the following sentence: Je vais _____ un citron presse.

A. prendre
B. prenons
C. prends
D. prenez

2. What is the French word for “shoe”?

A. chapeau
B. chausette
C. chemise
D. chaussure

3. What time is expressed by the phrase huit heures cinquante?

A. 5:15
B. 7:30
C. 8:50
D. 9:15

4. What is the name of the most popular sporting event in France?

A. World Cup
C. Le Tour de France
D. French Open

5. Complete the following sentence: Nous _____ francais en classe.

A. parlons
B. parlent
C. parle
D. parlez

6. Translate the following: Est-ce que tu veux quelque chose?

A. Are you getting something?
B. Can I get you something?
C. Do you want that thing?
D. Do you want something?

7. In which of the following scenarios is the imperfect tense NOT used?

A. to describe a regular action that occurred in the past
B. to describe a past action that came before another past action
C. to describe an ongoing action that occurred in the past
D. to describe conditions as they existed in the past

8. Which mood is used to suggest uncertainty or hypothetical situations?

A. subjunctive
B. indicative
C. infinitive
D. imperative

9. Translate the following: Renee est plus intelligente que Thomas.

A. Renee is impressed with Thomas’ intelligence.
B. Thomas is more intelligent than Renee.
C. Renee is just as intelligent as Thomas.
D. Renee is more intelligent than Thomas.

10. In which situation is the preposition de used?

A. to introduce a direct object
B. with periods of time
C. to indicate possession
D. to indicate a characteristic

Praxis II French Test Answer Key