PRAXIS II Elementary Education Content Knowledge Exam (0014 and 5014)

The PRAXIS II Elementary Education Content Knowledge Exam (0014 and 5014) is taken by candidates interested in teaching primary through middle school students. The exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions: 30 questions cover language arts, 30 questions cover mathematics, 30 questions cover social studies, and 30 questions cover science. Candidates may use a four-function or scientific calculator and have two hours to complete the exam.

The Language Arts section of the exam covers communication skills, writing and reading instruction, literacy acquisition, structuring tests and evaluations in the areas of reading and writing, and literary analysis.

The Mathematics section of the exam covers algebra, numeration, critical thinking processes, measurement, geometry, data organization, and data analysis. The Social Studies section of the exam covers fundamental economic concepts, the role of government, market impact on populations and resources, international economics, human growth, development and behavior, socialization, ethnic groups, cultural revolution, kinship patterns, citizen rights and responsibilities’ the purposes and forms of government, the Constitution, the 20th-century, the American Revolution, the early years of the nation, European exploration and colonization, early civilizations, and cross-cultural comparisons.

The Science section of the exam covers natural science history; personal and social perspectives in science; scientific inquiry; physical, life and earth science; structure and function models; systems; order systems organization; cycles ; equilibrium; science as a process; historical perspectives; personal health; science, technology and society; designing and actualizing scientific investigations; data collection and organization; coming to conclusions; the structure and property of matter; the interaction of energy and matter biological evolution; reproduction; heredity; the structure and function of living systems; the universe; and the history and structure of Earth.

PRAXIS II Elementary Education Content Knowledge Practice Questions