July 28, 2015

PRAXIS II Early Childhood Education Exam (5025)

This exam is designed for individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree in Early Childhood education and would like to teach preschool through primary grades. The exam has 120 multiple choice questions and you will be given 2 hours to complete it. The test can be broken down into the following sections:

Language and Literacy – 36 questions
Mathematics – 30 questions
Social Studies – 17 questions
Science – 17 questions
Health and Physical Education; Creative and Performing Arts – 20 questions

The language and literacy section of the exam will cover topics like how to help students develop an understanding of print awareness, the role of phonological awareness in literacy development, the role of fluency in literacy development, and how features and structures of text across genres affect comprehension.

The mathematics section of the exam will cover topics like the concepts and skills related to the place-value system, the skills and concepts related to operations and properties of operations involving whole numbers, the multiple representations and meanings of a fraction, and the skills and concepts for working with patterns.

The social studies section will test your knowledge on topics like the components of culture and why the study of culture is important, ways in which human beings seek to understand their historical roots and to locate themselves in time, and the importance of civic participation and how people create and change structures of power and government.

The science section of the exam covers the basic phenomena of the physical world, the basic phenomena of Earth and space, living organisms and natural systems, methods of facilitating problem solving through inventing solutions to simple problems, and appropriate technology to support scientific inquiry across domains.

The health and physical education section will test your knowledge on topics like health promotion, wellness, disease prevention, the importance of maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, the impact of health on learning and development across the content areas, the components of health-related fitness, and the ways in which physical activity provides lifelong opportunities for learning.

PRAXIS II Early Childhood Education Practice Questions