July 28, 2015

PRAXIS II Driver Education Exam (0867)

The PRAXIS II Driver Education Exam (0867) is taken by candidates interested in teaching high school driver education. Candidates are required to have completed appropriate driver education coursework. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions: 25 questions cover safe motor vehicle operation, 25 questions cover automobile operation and maintenance, 20 questions cover instruction, methodology, and evaluation, 20 questions cover driver responsibilities and special knowledge, and 10 questions cover motor vehicle laws and regulations.

The Safe Motor Vehicle Operation and Procedures section of the exam covers safe vehicle operation; the effects disabilities, drugs and alcohol, emotions, and the weather on safe driving, and energy conservation as it applies to vehicle manufacture, use, and maintenance.

The Automobile Operation and Maintenance section of the exam covers vehicle maintenance, tire care and replacement, and the purposes of specific vehicle systems and parts.

The Instruction, Methodology, and Evaluation section of the exam covers instructional tools and approaches to teaching driver education, driver simulation, multiple vehicle driving ranges, defensive driving, determining safe following distance, course goals, student assessment, and modifications for special needs students.

The Driver Responsibility and Special Knowledge section of the exam covers kinds of insurance, driver and witness responsibility regarding accidents, pedestrian rights, driver rights, and driver liability as presented in specific narratives.

The Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations section of the exam covers registration and title, and shapes, colors and identification of road signs and signals.

PRAXIS II Driver Education Practice Questions