September 5, 2017

Praxis II Computer Science Exam (5651)

In order to demonstrate that you have achieved mastery of the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a beginning teacher of computer science, you will be required to take and successfully pass the Praxis II Computer Science (5651) exam. This exam is designed to test your grasp of the following three Content Categories:

Technology Applications Core
Program Design and Development
Programming Language Topics

This test is comprehensive and inclusive, and may incorporate, but not be limited to, the following underlying concepts within each of the content categories:

  • Technology terminology and concepts, and how to use it to solve problems
  • How to analyze and evaluate digital information
  • How to evaluate results and communicate information for diverse audiences
  • How to use current technology to teach technology applications to students through instruction
  • Procedures for program design, software development and implementation
  • Computer science terminology and concepts
  • How to correctly use data types, data structures, functions, statements and control structures in the development of code
  • How to construct, compare and analyze various algorithms

During the examination, you will be given a total of three hours to complete 100 selected-response questions. The exam is computer delivered, meaning you will have the ability to move forwards and backwards between questions, skipping them as needed. Passing scores are determined by state, but it is advisable to answer as many questions as possible as your score is not affected by incorrectly answered questions. To better prepare you for what to expect on the test, take our Praxis II Computer Science (5651) practice test. This test is filled with Praxis II Computer Science (5651) practice questions that reflect the concepts you will encounter on the real exam.

Since the exam is computer delivered, you will be given your scores on screen immediately upon completing the exam. A passing score means you have demonstrated that you have achieved the required understanding of the concepts as outlined within the Content Categories. This is a requirement for individuals wishing to receive licensure and certification before entering the teaching profession. When you register to take the exam, you may choose a location near you from a selection of testing sites available through an international network.

Praxis II Computer Science Practice Questions