PRAXIS II Chemistry: Content Knowledge Exam (5245)

The Praxis II Series Chemistry Content Knowledge Exam is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary school chemistry. The exam is comprised of 125 multiple-choice questions:

17 questions covering Basic Principles of Matter and Energy
15 questions covering Atomic and Nuclear Structure
19 questions covering Nomenclature; Chemical Composition; Bonding and Structure
25 questions covering Chemical Reactions; Periodicity
19 questions covering Solutions and Solubility; Acid-Base Chemistry
15 questions covering Scientific Inquiry and Social Perspectives of Science
15 questions covering Scientific Procedures and Techniques

Candidates have two and a half hours to complete the exam.

It should be noted that some of the questions on the exam will be taken from subject matter of higher level chemistry courses for the purpose of evaluating the examinees knowledge of the subject beyond what he or she will be teaching in a high school course. Although examinees may be required use formulas on the exam, the use of calculators is prohibited. All necessary information such as periodic tables, SI unit conversions, and physical constants will be available in the test book.

It should be noted that calculators are not permitted during the Chemistry: Content Knowledge (0241) exam.

PRAXIS II Content Knowledge Practice Questions