July 28, 2015

PRAXIS II Chemistry: Content Essays (0242)

The PRAXIS II Chemistry: Content Essays Exam (0242) is taken by candidates interested in teaching secondary school chemistry. Candidates typically hold a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and have completed required course work for teaching this subject. The exam is composed of three essays: Structure/Property Correlations, Chemical Reactions, and the Impact of Chemistry on Technology and Society. Candidates are given one hour to complete the exam.

The Structure/Property Correlations section of the exam covers structure and property correlations in chemistry and the use of scientific skills, to include data analysis, methods, or experiment configurations; competency in designing a hypothesis to initiate an experiment or in interpretation of the results.

The Chemical Reactions section of exam covers chemical reactions, systems, patterns, concepts, and models of science. Candidates demonstrate comprehension of the functional interplay between various components of a scientific system; familiarity with the reasons for scientific patterns and ability in identifying such patterns; competency in making original interpretations of established concepts and scientific models, including how they are created, their applications and limits.

The Impact of Chemistry on Technology and Society section of the exam covers chemical and technological influences on society.

PRAXIS II Content Knowledge Practice Questions