PRAXIS II Business Education Exam (5101)

The PRAXIS II Business Education Exam is taken by candidates interested in teaching a variety of business education topics. The exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions:

18 questions covering Accounting and Finance
18 questions covering Communication and Career Development
12 questions covering Economics
12 questions covering Entrepreneurship
18 questions covering Information Technology
18 questions covering Law and International Business
12 questions covering Marketing and Management
12 questions covering Professional Business Education

Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The portion of the exam covering Accounting and Finance will include questioning on a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics include the accounting cycle, the accounting
process, and the interpretation and use of financial statements.

A few of the topics that will be on the exam under the category of Communication and Career Development are the foundations of communication, employment communication, and career research.

The questions pertaining to the economics category will focus on the allocation of resources, market structures, and the role of government.

The entrepreneurship category concentrates on entrepreneurial opportunities, forms of ownership, and business plans.

For the Information Technology category, the questions will cover topics including operations and concepts, human factors, and technology tools.

The area of Law and International Business includes topics such as the foundations of international business, trade relations, and consumer law.

A few examples of topics that will be questioned in the category of Marketing and Management are marketing principles, marketing mix,
and consumer behavior.

The Professional Business Education area will include questions involving professional business education organizations, school and community relationships, and work-based learning.

PRAXIS II Business Education Practice Questions