July 28, 2015

Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge (5235) Test Questions

1. Which of the following is synthesized in the ribosomes?

A. Protein


C. Nucleoli


2. Which of the following structures is NOT found in a bacterial cell?


B. Endoplasmic reticulum

C. Cell wall

D. Ribosomes

3. Which component of aerobic respiration produces the most ATP for each molecule of glucose?

A. Glycolysis

B. Citric acid cycle

C. Lactic acid fermentation

D. Chemiosmosis

4. Which property allows water to travel through a plant?

A. Adhesion

B. High specific heat

C. Cohesion

D. High heat of fusion

5. Where does the synthesis of glucose take place?

A. Cytoplasm

B. Stroma

C. Thykaloids

D. Matrix

Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Test Answer Key