PRAXIS II Art Content Knowledge Exam (0133, 0134 and 5134)

The PRAXIS II Art Content Knowledge Exam (0133, 0134 and 5134) is taken by candidates interested in teaching a broad range of art-related topics to students at any grade level. The exam contains 120 multiple choice questions: 47 questions cover the making of art, 43 questions cover traditions in art, architecture, design, and the making of artifacts, 30 questions cover art criticism and aesthetics. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Making of Art section of the exam covers artist’s tools and materials, techniques, procedures, rules and safety concerns in the creation of two and three dimensional and multimedia art.

The Traditions in Art, Architecture, Design, and the Making of Artifacts section of the exam covers a basic understanding of art, art of the Western world, the multiplicity of artistic styles of various cultures, terminology of techniques, elements, and ideas, stylistic elements evident in a range of periods in Western and non-Western art and architecture, and recognizing well known artworks. Questions cover the styles of certain artists and familiarity with artistic influences artists have had on each other, movements and schools in art, the impact of art and culture on each other, and ways politics, economics, and technology influence art.

The Art Criticism and Aesthetics section of the exam covers art terminology, art history, the correlation between form and content, and evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of art.

PRAXIS II Art Content Knowledge Practice Questions