July 28, 2015

PRAXIS II Agriculture Pennsylvania Exam (0780)

The PRAXIS II Agriculture Pennsylvania Exam (0780) is taken by candidates with bachelor degrees interested in teaching secondary school agriculture. (Agriculture courses in Pennsylvania are typically taken by high school juniors and seniors.). The exam is composed of 140 multiple choice questions: 21 questions cover soil science, 21 questions cover plant science, 21 questions cover animal science, 21 questions cover agricultural science, 28 questions cover leadership and supervised occupational experience, and 28 questions cover agricultural mechanics.. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Soil Science section of the exam covers the form and structure of soil, land and soil preservation, soil fertility testing methods, careers in soil science, and safety issues in regards to soil science.

The Plant Science section of the exam covers plant anatomy and physiology, plant and crop varieties, the cycle of plant and crop cultivation from planting to processing, careers in plant science, and crops and plant science safety issues.

The Animal Science section of the exam covers livestock anatomy and physiology; livestock breeds; livestock management; livestock products; careers in animal science; and animal science safety issues.

The Agricultural Economics section of the exam covers supply and demand, management and marketing, and agricultural related laws and policies.

The Leadership and Supervised Occupational Experience section of the exam covers adult and teen programs, Future Farmers of America, agricultural camps and workshops, public speaking, contests, organization concerns, committee formation, officers, and community service, occupational preparation, and agricultural careers.

The Agricultural Mechanics segment of the exam covers farming equipment necessary for breeding and raising farm animals and crops, processing procedures for agricultural goods, agriculturally relevant aspects of construction, familiarity with tools, and farm safety issues.

PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Questions