July 27, 2015

PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam (5701)

The PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam can give you the ability to teach Agriculture in around 40 states and United States territories. The computed based tests are administered through testing centers. The PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam, 5701, consists of 120 selected-response questions. Testers have two hours to answer the 120 questions.

The PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam will test the prospective teacher’s agriculture knowledge and ability to teach in junior and senior high schools. The exam consists of seven content areas: agribusiness systems; animal systems; food science and biotechnology systems; environmental and natural resource systems; plant systems; power, structural, and technical systems; and leadership and career development. Each section will have 14-20 questions.

The agribusiness systems section of the PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam will include test questions that ensure prospective teachers know the principles of capitalism and entrepreneurship, know the management skills needed to organize an agribusiness, know agribusiness record keeping, are familiar with accounting practices, are familiar with the fundamentals of savings and investments, and are familiar with agribusiness marketing principles. For the animal systems section, prospective teachers will need to show knowledge of animal systems trends and history, animal characteristics, health care of animals, animal nutrition, animal production and management, safety practices related to animal production, normal and abnormal animal behavior, and basic animal reproduction, just to name a few. For food science and biotechnology systems, prospective teachers should be able to identify major issues and trends affecting food products, major historical developments in biotechnology, regulatory agencies that affect food products and processing, and basic laboratory procedures.

For the environmental and natural resource systems portion of the test, prospective teachers would be familiar with environmental management, chemical properties related to natural resources, the environment’s ecosystems, ecological concepts related to natural resource systems, and current issues and regulation in environmental and natural resource management. For the plant systems section of the PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam, testers should be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of plant science, general safety issues related to plant systems, basic principles of classification of plants, and the basic characteristics of soils. For the power, structural, and technical systems test section, prospective teachers should be familiar with engineering applications and physical science principles, electricity and electrical wiring, various power and energy sources, and the safe operation of hand tools.

For the last test section, leadership and career development, testers should demonstrate principles of leadership, foundational areas of career development, and understand the structure of the National FFA Organization. Each of the Praxis II Agriculture Exam sections will be covered in the PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Test and PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Questions. You will be more prepared for the PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam by practicing with the Practice Test and Practice Questions, and soon you will be on your way to becoming PRAXIS II certified in Agriculture.

PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Questions