PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam (5701)

The PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam (0700) is taken by candidates with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education who are interested in teaching agriculture 11th and 12th grade students. The exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions:

14 questions covering Agribusiness Systems
20 questions covering Animal Systems
14 questions covering Food Science and Biotechnology Systems
16 questions covering Environmental and Natural Resource Systems
20 questions covering Plant Systems
18 questions covering Power, Structural, and Technical Systems
18 questions covering Leadership and Career Development

Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

In the agribusiness systems area, questions will expect you to know the principles of capitalism and entrepreneurship in the agribusiness industry, the management skills needed to organize an agribusiness, and the marketing principles needed to accomplish agribusiness goals.

The questions relating to animal systems will cover information regarding the historical development and trends of the industry, the basic principles of animal nutrition, and the principles of animal production.

The area of food science and biotechnology systems will cover topics such as the major issues and trends affecting the food production industry, safe laboratory procedure, and the use of genetic engineering in the industry.

The environmental and natural resource systems questions will address the various ecosystems of the environment, the natural cycles related to environmental and natural resource management, and the impact of land use on resources.

The questions in the area of plant systems will cover safety issues related to plant systems, the historical development of plant science, and the principles of landscape and floral design.

Questions relating to power, structural, and technical systems will focus on electricity and electrical wiring, various power and energy sources, and metal fabrication.

Finally, questions pertaining to leadership and career development will cover the principles of leadership, the foundational areas of career development, and communication skills.

PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Questions