PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam (0700)

The PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam (0700) is taken by candidates with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education who are interested in teaching agriculture 11th and 12th grade students. The exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions: 18 to 20 questions cover plant and soil science, animal science, agricultural mechanization and technology, agricultural business and economics, program planning and management; 11 to 13 questions cover Plant and Soil Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Mechanization and Technology, Agricultural Business and Economics, Program Planning and Management each are allotted 18-20 questions, Agriculture: Social and Historical Perspectives, and Natural Resources and Environment each consist of 11 to 13 questions. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam.

The Plant and Soil Science section of the exam covers taxonomy of plants, soil characteristics, care of land, crop rotation and maintenance, and other facets of horticulture.

The Animal Science section of the exam covers primary breeds in dairy cows, poultry, beef cattle, hogs, goats and other farm animals, the anatomy and physiology of breeding, raising and maintaining healthy animals, and processing methods for animal products.

The Agricultural Mechanization and Technology section of the exam covers farming equipment, technological advances in water and soil conservation and standards maintenance, construction for agriculture uses, and safety in agriculture.

The Agricultural Business and Economics section of the exam covers economics of agriculture, farm management, marketing, and business opportunities in agriculture.

The Program Planning and Management section of the exam covers student organizations, career planning, agricultural student apprenticeship opportunities, program management, and historical, philosophical, and legal facets of agriculture.

The Social and Historical Perspectives section of the exam covers agricultural policies, historical and legal precedents, economic importance, and local agricultural products and career opportunities in agriculture.

The Natural Resources and Environment section of the exam covers energy, environmental concerns raised by chemical fertilizers, changing weather patterns, soil erosion, fostering wildlife habitats and ecosystems.

PRAXIS II Agriculture Practice Questions