September 6, 2017

Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics Exam (5158)

The Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158) exam is designed to assess whether prospective educators have achieved the required mastery of the skills, knowledge and abilities deemed necessary to succeed in the position of an entry-level middle school teacher. The test is not aligned with any particular mathematics curriculum, but is consistent with the recommendations of national studies on mathematics education. The two-hour assessment contains 60 selected-response questions that have been derived from two Content Categories and their underlying concepts:

  • Arithmetic and Algebra
    1. Numbers and Operations
    2. Algebra
    3. Functions and Their Graphs
  • Geometry and Data
    1. Geometry and Measurement
    2. Probability, Statistics and Discrete Math

Within these Content Categories, you will be required to:

  • Understand and work with mathematical concepts
  • Reason mathematically
  • Make conjectures
  • See patterns
  • Solve problems by integrating knowledge from different areas of mathematics
  • Use various representations of concepts to solve problems that have several solution paths
  • Develop and use mathematical models

As you respond to questions, you will be permitted use of a scientific or four-function calculator. You should attempt to answer every question, leaving none unanswered, as your final score will not be altered or penalized for any incorrect responses. Upon completion of the assessment, an unofficial score will be available immediately on-screen, based only on the number of correct responses you provided. Official score reports are mailed approximately two weeks following your testing date. You may choose a test date when you register for the assessment, along with a testing location from an international network of approved testing sites.

Passing scores are up to the discretion and requirements of the individual state. To prepare for the exam, test yourself with the Mometrix Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158) practice test. On this practice test, you will be asked to answer Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158) practice questions that were designed to reflect the concepts you will encounter on the actual assessment.

Praxis II Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics Practice Questions