August 24, 2017

Praxis II Biology: Content Knowledge Exam (5235)

The questions on the Praxis II Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) exam have been constructed to reflect the standards of both the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA). They will measure the prospective educator’s mastery of the competencies necessary for a beginning teacher of secondary school Biology. In general, examinees are nearing completion of, or have completed, a bachelor’s degree program with Biology and education coursework.

You will be tested on the following content categories, with each category accounting for an approximate percentage of the total examination:

I. History and Nature of Science (14%)
II. Molecular and Cellular Biology (20%)
III. Genetics and Evolution (20%)
IV. Diversity of Life and Organismal Biology (20%)
V. Ecology: Organisms and Environments (16%)
VI. Science, Technology and Social Perspectives (10%)

During the exam, you will be given two and a half hours to answer 150 selected-response questions. These questions will focus on conceptual understanding, critical thinking and problem solving in science within five fundamental concepts and processes:

1. Systems
2. Models
3. Constancy and Change
4. Equilibrium
5. Form and Function

In general, the questions will present on topics that would have been covered in introductory college-level Biology courses, but some will be of a more advanced nature. To ensure that the examinee is qualified for licensure, they will need to demonstrate their grasp of concepts, terms, phenomena, methods, applications, data analysis and problem solving in Biology, in addition to an understanding of how both science and technology impact the environment and human affairs. For Praxis II Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) practice questions to review in preparation of your examination, try our Praxis II Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) practice test.

The exam is computer-delivered, meaning you will have the ability to skip and return to questions as needed. As your final score is determined based on the total number of correctly answered questions with no penalty for incorrect responses, it is advisable to leave no question unanswered while still taking your time to thoroughly review each question. Your final score will be available immediately on screen upon successful completion of the exam. Passing scores are determined based on the requirements of the state in which you wish to receive licensure. When you register to take the exam, you will be able to select the most convenient location to you from an international network of test centers.

PRAXIS II Biology: Content Knowledge Test Questions