August 24, 2017

Praxis II Audiology Exam (5342)

The Praxis II Audiology (5342) exam is recognized as the national examination in audiology, and is one of the requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). State guidelines may vary beyond this exam, so be sure to research your state’s current requirements. Any professional seeking to work in independent practice as an audiologist in schools, hospital, clinics, private practice and other primary employment settings will first need to take and pass this test. Examinees have typically completed a doctoral degree program prior in preparation for entering professional practice.

For the Praxis II Audiology (5342) exam you will be asked to respond to 120 selected-response questions within a two-hour time frame. The test is computer-delivered, meaning you will be able to skip questions and go back to them at a later time. Before taking the exam, you are given the opportunity to learn how this interface works. Because it is computer-delivered, your score will be available immediately on screen following completion of the exam. Your score is determined based on the number of correctly answered questions, with no penalty for incorrect answers. It is advisable to take your time on the exam to answer each question to the best of your ability, but leave no question unanswered.

All content is based on a practice and curriculum analysis commissioned by ASHA. The questions you will encounter on this exam are constructed to fall within five content categories, with each accounting for an approximate percentage of the exam:

I. Foundations (10%)
II. Prevention and Identification (10%)
III. Assessment (40%)
IV. Intervention (30%)
V. Professional Issues (10%)

Within each of these categories you will answer questions that test your mastery of this content in the context of clinical case studies research results and results of assessments. Content will cover topics including, but not limited to:

● Acoustics/Psychoacoustics
● Etiology
● Education and Prevention
● Screening and Risk Assessment
● Assessment Planning
● Audiologic Evaluation – Behavioral and Physiologic
● Treatment Planning
● Device Selection
● Legal and Ethical Practice and Advocacy
● Evidence-Based Practice

Upon successfully completing and passing the Praxis II Audiology (5342) exam, you will have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to enter independent practice as an audiologist in all primary employment settings. To help prepare you for the exam we recommend taking our Praxis II Audiology (5342) practice test. It contains Praxis II Audiology (5342) practice questions that will help to give you a better understanding of what to expect on your examination. You can register to take this exam at any of the approved testing locations that are available through an international network of test centers.

PRAXIS II Audiology Practice Questions