August 24, 2017

Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis Exam (5135)

The Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis (5135) exam is a computer-delivered test designed to ensure that entry-level prospective educators are qualified to teach in the field of art. Upon successful completion of this examination, you will have demonstrated that you have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to practice as an entry-level art teacher. The test is administered through an international network of test centers, so you have the ability to choose a testing location most convenient to you during registration. On testing day, you will be given a total of two hours to complete the test.

The test is comprehensive and inclusive, including 85 selected-response questions and 3 constructed-response questions broken into two parts, Part A and Part B, respectively. The questions are intended to evaluate your knowledge and skills with concepts related to Art: Content and Analysis. These concepts are central to the study of art, and will cover topics including art making, historical and theoretical foundations of art and art analysis.

Part A includes some images, and will test your mastery of the following concepts: general art making, media and processes, materials and processes in an art historical context, the western tradition in art history, art beyond the western tradition and responding to art.

Part B is further divided into one 15-minute question that will test your grasp of the historical and theoretical foundations of art, and two 10-minute questions that test your knowledge of art making. For historical and theoretical foundations of art, you will be asked to select, identify and analyze a relevant, verifiable art historical example from memory. This work may not be your own or a student’s. For the second portion of Part B, you will need to provide four works of art in digital form no later than three days before your selected test date. Choose these works carefully to make sure you feel comfortable writing about them on the examination.

Mometrix has crafted a Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis (5135) practice test to help you prepare for your upcoming examination. The Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis (5135) practice questions on this practice test have been designed to give you real examples of the concepts you may encounter on the real exam.

The selected-response portion of the Art: Content and Analysis (5135) exam will account for approximately 75% of your total score, with the constructed-response portion accounting for the remaining 25%. In order to successfully achieve licensure, you will be required to meet the minimum passing score for your state. Your score will be mailed to you in an official score report approximately two to three weeks following completion of your examination.

Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis Practice Questions